Gender and Literacy on Stage in Early Modern England

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This 1999 book examines the role of literacy-education in promoting gender difference, as shown in English Renaissance texts.


Preface; 1. On his breast writ; 2. Enter Hamlet reading on a book; 3. She reads and smiles; 4. Writes in his tables; 5. She writes; Bibliography.


'A masterpiece of clear exposition, elegant presentation, and beautiful writing. It is one of the few books I've read where the reader knows what is going on from the very first sentence, and is not disappointed afterwards. It takes all the best from current approaches to literary scholarship without any of its usual obfuscation. It is wonderfully erudite as well.' Philip Gavitt, St Louis University 'A sophisticated analysis of how girls and boys learned gender roles as they learned to read and write and how gender differences were supported or critiqued in the English public theater and in writings by women and men. The book is first-rate literary history and first-rate social and cultural history that confronts the connections between gender theory and historical practice. This is fine scholarship.' Awards Committee for The Society for the Study of Early Modern Women
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