Heartland Series Book 3: Promises Kept

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Februar 2008



You know these people from the HEARTland. She may be your co-worker and you know him from church. They are always in the middle of things, the heart and soul of their families and communities. They will give their all for those they love. Their beliefs are unshakable. In my third HEARTland ROMANCE, PROMISES KEPT, Dr. Kris Holland and aerobatic pilot Matt Walker try to work out the differences that have plagued their relationship for years. After her father's death Kris finds her life in shambles. First she suffers a brutal assault, and then is stunned to learn a malpractice suit has been filed against her. She flies to Alaska to stay with friends, only to have Matt turn up! She has never stopped loving him, but she wonders: What man in his right mind would want her now? Well, Matt has never claimed total sanity. After all he is an aerobatic pilot. He knows it's way past time he faced his feelings for Kris. This time he will not be walking away.

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