The Mind Is Not the Heart: Recollections of a Woman Physician

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Oktober 1993



Available for the first time in paperback, Eva Salber's "The Mind Is Not the Heart" (originally published in 1989), is the personal and political story of a white, Jewish, South African woman who practiced medicine for over fifty years among the impoverished--both rural and urban, black and white, in South Africa and later in the United States. Her lifelong dedication to providing health care to poor people was informed by a passionate vision of the link between social problems and medicine, accompanied by an embracing involvement with the communities in which she served. In this warm clear-eyed account, Dr. Salber presents not only her own personal journey, that of a professional woman, teacher, wife, and mother, but also the story of the people on the margins of society among whom she worked.


Eva J. Salber is the author of "Don't Send Me Flowers When I'm Dead," also published by Duke University Press. She received her M.D. in 1955 at the University of Cape Town, and practiced medicine in Port Elizabeth, Umtata, Cape Town, and Durban, South Africa, London, Boston, and Chapel Hill and Durham, North Carolina. She died in 1990 at her home in Chapel Hill at the age of 74.


"Salber writes with a fresh, graceful, and direct voice that is often witty and always without pretense. As a writer, Salber's power derives. . . from her candor, her vision of social medicine, her incredible perseverance, and her willingness to share some of her inner life with the reader."
--Thomas R. Cole, "Medical Humanities Review"
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