Leadership Strategies for Teachers

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'Leadership Strategies for Teachers captures nearly all of the leadership situations that a teacher encounters at one point or another. The author provides a clear snapshot of many practical theories that can aid any aspiring, or situational, leader' - Erin Powers, English Teacher, Paul Revere Charter Middle School, Los Angeles, CA
Teachers rarely see themselves as leaders, but teachers who are committed to their students and to their own professional development already help advance school improvement efforts. This practical handbook shows teachers how they can expand their leadership skills by offering strategies for improving student achievement, extending their own learning, collaborating with others for school improvement, and supporting shared vision and values in their learning communities!
Teachers at all levels will find invaluable information for developing leadership skills and strengthening their school communities. Included are strategies for:
. Goal setting and strategic planning
. Team building
. Conflict resolution
. Reflective inquiry and practice
. Professional development and networking
In addition, the latest research about teacher-leaders, numerous case studies, and reflective worksheets will help teachers to extend their talents, knowledge, and skills as learning leaders.


About the Author
1. Teachers as Leaders
Who Are Teacher-Leaders?
REACH Model for Teacher-Leaders
Strategies for Increasing Teacher Leadership Potential
Looking Back/REACHing Forward
2. Teacher-Leaders and Change
The Change Process
Strategies for Teacher-Leaders as Change Agents
Change and Control
Change and Stress
Looking Back/REACHing Forward
3. Teacher-Leaders Improving Student Achievement
Teachers as Learning Leaders
Communication With Students
Communication With Families
Strategies for Focusing on Student Achievement
Parent and Teacher Expectations: A Matter of Balance
Looking Back/REACHing Forward
4. Teacher-Leaders Extending Their Own Learning
Teacher-Leader as a Professional
Reflective Practice and Inquiry
The Self-Directed Development Model
Action Research
Classroom-Based Development Models
Professional Teaching Portfolio
Communicating Leadership
Obstacles to Continued Learning for Teacher-Leaders
Strategies for Teacher-Leaders' Lifelong Learning
Looking Back/REACHing Forward
5. Teacher-Leaders Collaborating for School Improvement
The School Improvement Model
Teachers as Situational Leaders
Situational Leading for Professional Development
Communication With Colleagues
Strategies for Leadership Collaboration
Looking Back/REACHing Forward
6. Teacher-Leaders Supporting Shared Vision and Values
Defining Shared Vision and Values
Sustaining and Connecting Teacher-Leaders
Communicating Vision
Strategies to Use When Connecting With Other Teacher-Leaders
Looking Back/REACHing Forward


Eunice M. Merideth is a Levitt Distinguished Professor and Associate Dean of the Drake University School of Education. She has designed and taught leadership courses and has been working with classroom teachers on leadership issues for over ten years. Merideth is a University Technology Fellow for Drake University, supporting Web-assisted and Web-based instruction at Drake University. She has written two books and numerous articles about teacher leadership, technology integration, and educational equity. Merideth received a doctorate in Curriculum and Instructional Technology from Iowa State University.


"Leadership Strategies for Teachers captures nearly all of the leadership situations that a teacher encounters at one point or another. The author provides a clear snapshot of many practical theories that can aid any aspiring, or situational, leader."
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