The Yin & Yang of American Culture: A Paradox

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Juni 2001



Reminiscent of de Tocqueville's perspective on 19th-century America, Kim's work takes an Eastern view of American culture and places it in the context of Asian value sets.


Dr. Eun Y. Kim is president of CEO International, an international management consulting firm based in Austin, Texas. Kim has worked in the U.S. and Asia as a management and communications consultant for many years and is the author of seven books and numerous articles on business and cross-cultural communication.


Since September 11, we've read a lot of articles that analyze 'Why They Hate Us. But, even though there's no denying many people around the world do hate America, a 'love-hate' attitude actually is more prevalent, argues Eun Y. Kim. There are plenty of practical reasons to read this book. Americans do business around the world and welcome millions of visitors and immigrants each year. But it's also just plain fun to see ourselves through the eyes of others. Mike Revzin, Journal Constitution
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