Understanding the Outboard Motor

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Juni 2002



For undergraduate courses in Outboard Principles of Operation, Outboard Overhaul, Outboard Tune-Up, and Outboard Lower Unit Repair.
Reflecting the latest advances, this practical manual on outboard mechanics explains the technical theory of operation necessary to prepare for certification or re-certification tests. It empowers students with a basic understanding that will help them troubleshoot and repair quickly and with confidence.


Safety: You Are In Charge. 1. General Use and Maintenance of Outboard Motors. 2. Two-Stroke and Four-Stroke Operation. Section I: Two-Stroke Principles of Operation. Section II: Four-Stroke Principles of Operation. 3. Two-Stroke and Four-Stroke Powerhead.Section I: Two-Stroke Powerhead. Section II: Four-Stroke Powerhead. 4. Electricity/Electronics for the Technician. 5. The Marine Battery. 6. Starter System. 7. Alternator Charging System. 8. Ignition Systems. 9. Fuel System Operation.10. Tune-Up.11. Midsection/Lower Unit.12. Trim and Tilt System.13. Propeller Performance.14. Boat Performance Problems.Appendix A. Rules of the Road.Appendix B. Trailer Lighting.WWW OB Manufacturers.Glossary.Index.
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