Economic Justice in an Unfair World: Toward a Level Playing Field

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Argues that a just international economy would be one that is inclusive, participatory, and welfare-enhancing for all states. This book asserts that a politically feasible approach to international economic justice would emphasize free trade and limited flows of foreign assistance in order to help countries exercise their comparative advantage.


LIST OF TABLES ix PREFACE xi LIST OFA BBREVIATIONS xix CHAPTER ONE: Economic Justice in an Unfair World 1 CHAPTER TWO: Fairness in Trade 45 CHAPTER THREE: Allocating Aid 86 CHAPTER FOUR: Justice in Migration and Labor 114 CHAPTER FIVE: Harnessing Investment 147 CHAPTER SIX: Toward a Level Playing Field: A Policy Agenda 175 NOTES 197 BIBLIOGRAPHY 219 INDEX 235


Ethan B. Kapstein is the Paul Dubrule Professor of Sustainable Development, INSEAD, Fontainebleau, France; and a visiting fellow at the Center for Global Development, Washington, D.C. He is also a Senior Adviser to the Carnegie Council on Ethics and International Affairs, and, during 2003-2006, a Transatlantic Fellow of the German Marshall Fund of the United States.


Anyone who wants an introduction to questions of moral economic philosophy would do well to start with his book. Kapstein writes in lucid prose, without the turgidity that often renders the subject as inviting as a cold bath. He makes a long-overdue challenge to the West's consensus that the aim of aid and of developing countries' own development efforts should be to reduce poverty, and that this reduction should be achieved not via industrialization and economic growth but by policies focused on poverty. -- Robert H. Wade Foreign Affairs [This] is a stimulating, well-researched book combining economic analysis, political philosophy, and contemporary policy... It [has] an ambitious theme and the author pursues it with originality. -- Richard Jolly Ethics and International Affairs As Economic Justice in an Unfair World is perhaps the only truly complete philosophical treaty on economic justice that has come out of academia in the last twenty years, this book simultaneously marks the rebirth of ethics as a field of relevance and injects long overdue academic rigour into the often emotionally driven overly populist debate about globalization... [A] real must-read for anyone interested in the frontiers of economics and philosophy. Business & Finance Economic Justice is an important contribution to the debates on how to level the playing field in international relations. PsycCRITIQUES
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