From the Belly of My Beauty: Poems

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August 1999



"One of today's generation of outstanding Native writers, Esther Belin is an urban Indian. Raised in the city, she speaks with an entirely different voice from that of her reservation kindred as she expresses herself on subjects of urban alienation, racism, sexism, substance abuse, and cultural estrangement."--BOOK JACKET. "In this new collection of poems, Belin presents a startling vision of urban California - particularly Los Angeles - contrasted with Navajo life in the Four Corners region. She presents aspects of Dine life and history not normally seen by readers accustomed to accounts written by Navajos brought up on the reservation."--BOOK JACKET. "Belin holds American culture accountable for failing to treat its indigenous peoples with respect but speaks for the ability of Native culture to survive and provide hope even for mixed-blood or urban Indians. She is living proof that Native culture thrives wherever its people are found."--BOOK JACKET.


Esther Belin lives in Durango, Colorado.
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Untertitel: 'Sun Tracks: An American Indian'. Sprache: Englisch.
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