Radical Constructivism in Action: Building on the Pioneering Work of Ernst Von Glasersfeld

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April 2000



In this volume, Glaserfeld offers a theoretical account of radical constructivism. It is elegantly and thoroughly argued account of this epistemological position, providing a profound analysis of its concepts. The book traces two genealogies of the theory. The first is the constructivist strand in the history of philosophy from the pre-Socratic via Jean Piaget to the present. The second is his own intellectual biography, illustrating how a number of lines of thought became synthesized into radical constructivsm. Given its diverse roots, the first full articulation of the theory is likely to have an influence that extends beyond mathematics education.


Growing up Constructivist - Languages and Thoughtful People; Unpopular Philosophical Ideas - A History in Quotations; Piaget's Constructivist Theory of Knowing; The Construction of Concepts; Reflection and Abstraction; Constructing Agents - The Self and Others; On Language, Meaning and Communication; The Cybernetic Connection; Units, Plurality, and Number; To Encourage Students' Conceptual Constructing.
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