Mothering without Guilt

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Juli 2003



A Bible study series addressing the unique needs of moms.These 8 Bible studies help women discover God's wisdom on how to be the best mothers, women, and disciples they can be. Each study contains 6 sessions divided into 5 flexible portions: For You Alone, For You and God's Word, For You and Others, For You and God, and For You and Your Kids. The last section helps moms share each week's nugget of truth with their children.* Mothering without Guilt identifies and debunks the 'perfect mom' stereotypes and encourages moms to be real---not perfect---and forgiven---not guilty.


Sharon Hersh lives in Lone Tree, Colorado, and is the mother of two teenagers. Jean E. Syswerda is a former editor and associate publisher for Zondervan Bibles. She helped produce such bestselling Bibles as the NIV Women's Devotional Bible. General editor of the Women of Faith Study Bible and A Mom's Ordinary Day Bible Study Series, she is the author of the Women's Devotional Guide to the Bible and coauthor of the bestselling Read With Me Bible. Jean and her husband, John, have three children and six grandchildren. They live in Allendale, Michigan.
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Untertitel: You and God, You and Others, You and Your Kids. 'Mom's Ordinary Day Bible Study Series'. Sprache: Englisch.
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