Hadassah and the Zionist Project

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Hadassah and the Zionist Project offers a fresh perspective on Hadassah, the Women's Zionist Organization of America and the largest women's organization in the United States, telling the fascinating story of how American Jewish women played a leading role in achieving Zionist goals and shaping the state of Israel. The book also traces Hadassah's involvement in the child rescue movement, which saved thousands of children from Nazi-occupied Europe, as well as from the beleaguered Jewish communities of the Middle East and North Africa.


Chapter 1 Introduction: American Maternalists in Palestine and Israel Chapter 2 "The Healing of the Daughter of My People": Henrietta Szold and the Creation of Hadassah, the Women's Zionist Organization of America Chapter 3 "A Joyful Mother of Children": Child Welfare in the Yishuv Chapter 4 "A New Type of Woman": The Struggle for Women's Equality in the Yishuv Chapter 5 "Persecuted, Uprooted": Youth Aliyah and the Rescue of European Jewish Children Chapter 6 "Future Builders of the State": Youth Aliyah and the Rescue of Oriental Jewish Children Chapter 7 Conclusion


Erica B. Simmons received her Ph.D. in history from the University of Toronto. She was awarded a Hannah Postdoctoral Fellowship in the History of Medicine for 2004-2006 at York University in Toronto, Canada.


Erica Simmons has written the compelling and largely unsung story of Hadassah's role in building Israel's network of social services. From our towering leaders, like Henrietta Szold, to the individual dedicated member, we see how the women of Hadassah not only participated in the building of the Jewish State, but empowered themselves as effective organizers and leaders through 'the Zionist project.' It is essential reading for anyone interested in Hadassah, Jewish women and the American Zionist enterprise. -- June Walker, National President, Hadassah, the Women?s Zionist Organization of America. To learn more about Hadassah, visit: http://www.hadas I like the focus on the social welfare work, and the way it is woven into similar work ongoing elsewhere in the world in those years. For a general history of Hadassah's work in Palestine/Israel, it's a comprehensive study, and out of necessity it covers a lot of ground. -- Susan Woodland, Hadassah Archivist This book can be read as a contribution to US Jewish history, women's history, and Zionist history. As an entry in the first and third categories, it offers perspective not commonly seen-namely, an emphasis on the importance of a women's volunteer organization. Summing Up: Highly recommended. -- J. Sochen, professor emerita, Northeastern Illinois University CHOICE A helpful text... American Historical Review, March 2008 Simmons is to be congratulated for bringing Hadassah's maternalist Zionism into focus and for her substantive discussion of Hadassah's distinctive impact on the fabric of Israeli public culture. She lets us see both sides of Hadassah...which enriches our understanding of the processes involved... Journal Of Israeli History An excellent book. It speaks to a wide readership and illuminates a historic relationship (US Jews and Zionism) that continues to exercise influence in both the American political arena as well as in Israeli life and politics today. -- Alex Orbach, Director of Jewish Studies Program, University of Pittsburgh
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