Creating Interactive Websites with PHP and Web Services

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Dezember 2003



Build Dynamic Websites with PHP and MySQL--and Extend Those Sites with Web Services
PHP and MySQL are great tools for building database-driven websites. There's nothing new about that. What is new is the environment in which your site operates--a world rich (and growing richer) in web services that can add value and functionality in many different ways. Creating Interactive Web Sites with PHP and Web Services walks you through every step of a major web project--a content-management system--teaching you both the basic techniques and little-known tricks you need to build successful web sites. And you can use those skills to develop dynamic applications that will meet your special requirements. Here's some of what you'll find covered inside:
* Adding, deleting, and displaying data with a custom content-management system
* Building a template system with PHP
* Interacting with web services using PHP and MySQL
* Creating and managing a user system and a shopping cart
* Processing credit card payments using merchant accounts and third-party payment solutions
* Tracking site statistics using PHP and MySQL
* Enhancing your site with third-party scripts
Tons of examples, complete with explanations and supported by online source code, will speed your progress, whether you're a true beginner or already have PHP experience. This book is platform-agnostic, so it doesn't matter if you're deploying your site on Linux or Windows. You also get PHP and MySQL references, so you can quickly resolve questions about syntax and similar issues.



Chapter 1: Introducing PHP.

Chapter 2: Planning Your Project.

Chapter 3: Building a Database Schema with MySQL.

Chapter 4: Building a Website Template with PHP.

Chapter 5: Creating a Website Membership System.

Chapter 6: Developing a Website News System.

Chapter 7: Enhancing Your Website with Web Services and APIs.

Chapter 8: Creating a Shopping Cart System.

Chapter 9: Processing Payments for Your Website.

Chapter 10: Tracking Website Statistics.

Chapter 11: Using Third-Party PHP Scripts.

Chapter 12: Closing Statements.

Appendix A: PHP Reference.

Appendix B: MySQL Syntax Reference.



Eric Rosebrock, owner of PHP Freaks (, a community of developers helping one another learn and troubleshoot PHP. Eric has developed web pages with HTML, JavaScript, and ASP for 7 years and has been a professional PHP developer for 2 years. He has extensive knowledge of PHP, MySQL, Apache Web Server, and the Linux. Eric was a Windows 2k Sys Admin for the U.S.A.F. for 5 years, and has maintained over 2,000 workstations, 50 Windows 2k and NT servers, and IIS web servers.

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