Software Design: From Programming to Architecture

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Februar 2003



All Computer Scientists and Software Engineers need to understand software design, but until now there hasn't been one, complete, up-to-date guide to its theory and practice. Eric Braude's Software Design: From Programming to Architecture begins at the code level with programming issues such as robustness and flexibility in implementation. Increasing in abstraction and scope, the book then moves to mid-level issues, emphasizing a thorough understanding of standard design patterns and components. Finally, the book ends with high-level issues such as architectures, frameworks, and object-oriented analysis and design. In addition, the text contains a prologue on software process, making it versatile enough to use in a software engineering course.


Part I. Design Principles, the Unified Modeling Language, and Code-Level Design
* Introduction
* Object-Orientation
* The Unified Modeling Language
* Software Design Principles I: Sufficiency and Robustness
* Software Design Principles II: Flexibility, Reusability and Efficiency
Part II. Design Patterns
* Introduction to Design Patterns
* Creational Design Patterns
* Structural Design Patterns
* Behavioral Design Patterns
* Combining and Applying Design Patterns
Part III. Components
* Introduction to Component Technology
* Java Beans
* Microsoft Components
Part IV. Object-Oriented Analysis and Design
* Requirements and Domain Classes
* Software Architectures and Framework


Description: UML (the Unified Modeling Language), design patterns, and software component technologies are three new advances that help software engineers create more efficient and effective software designs. Now Eric Braude pulls these three advances together into one unified presentation.
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