The Quotable A**hole

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Oktober 2011



Readers will find more than 1,200 of the most biting quotes, comments, and comebacks ever uttered. They'll also see what happens when practically perfect folks like Walt Disney, Mahatma Ghandi, and Audrey Hepburn lose their cool. 256 pp.


Eric Grzymkowski is a humour writer and aspiring a**hole. When not writing he can be found flipping off unsuspecting motorists, cutting in line at the supermarket, and talking on his cell phone at the movies. He resides in Somerville, MA where he spends the majority of his time searching for witty comebacks to use in obscure situations.
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ISBN: 144052565X
Untertitel: More Than 1, 200 Bitter Barbs, Cutting Comments, and Caustic Comebacks for Aspiring and Armchair A**holes Alike. illustrations. Sprache: Englisch.
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Erscheinungsdatum: Oktober 2011
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