Travels in the United States, Etc. During 1849 and 1850: Volume 1

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Engaging and informative, Lady Emmeline's journals describe her mid-nineteenth century travels and her impressions of America and its people.


Preface; 1. Arrival at New York; 2. Detained at Albany; 3. Difficulty of conveying the impression caused by a first view of the Falls of Niagara; 4. Port Talbot; 5. Return to New York; 6. Boston; 7. Plans for the future; 8. Return to Boston; 9. Plymouth; 10. Green Harbour, the seat of Daniel Webster; 11. Visit to Mr and Mrs Prescott at Nahant; 12. The Blind Asylum at Boston and Laura Bridgeman; 13. Bridgeport; 14. Philadelphia; 15. The City of Washington; 16. Discomforts of travelling over the Alleghanies; 17. Description of Louisville; 18. A conversation in a coach; 19. The steamer from Louisville; 20. The Mississippi; 21. The St. Charles Hotel at New Orleans; 22. Mobile; 23. Boston as a commercial city; 24. Bustle in the streets of New York.
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