Beside the Sea

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April 2007



Little Green Croc is in a bad mood, but Melrose knows that a guessing game and a trip to the seaside will soon have his favorite friend smiling again. This charming picture book is full of sunshine, brightly capturing the warmth of true friendship and highlighting the importance of looking after one another in new situations. Sometimes life seems very dull, but what a difference a bucket and ball, sand and sea, and, most important of all, a very best friend can make!


Emma studied art at the Royal College of Art . She has worked as a freelancer for magazines, publishers and advertising agencies as well as teaching art for several years, but now dedicates most of her time to children's books.


Praise for 'Melrose and Croc': 'Full of bright detail, this is a picture book young readers could well dream about as being the next best thing to entering its pages.' The Independent 'Two irresistible new characters from the creator of the popular Blue Kangaroo series.' Winter edition, Primary Times 'A heart-warming tale of how friendships begin... This book is a wonderful tactile experience, from the shimmery glittery cover... to the gentle watercolours inside, which are printed on the creamiest of papers.' The Irish Times 'It delights children but adults will appreciate the period evocation of the festive-season cities and the off-season seaside.' The Sunday Times 'Incredibly touching story.' Primary Times 'Gorgeous Christmassy story about friendship.' Angels and Urchins 'You don't have to get too sentimental to find something special...The light in the illustrations makes this book all the more magical.' Junior 'A beautifully illustrated and heart-warming tale.' Family Interest Magazine 'This author/illustrator goes from strength to strength... Mouth-watering illustrations, ideal text, two mightily engaging characters - altogether the star on top of the tree.' Carousel
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