King of Dragons, King of Men

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Oktober 2007



How do you choose between two lovers, when you deserve neither?Two knights, William and his foster brother Allen, are summoned to fight for their baron. William leaves behind his wife by an arranged marriage and enters a political game where the baron, the king and maybe the devil himself, each have their plans for him.On the eve of battle, William meets a being called Ahriman and is offered a chance to save Allens lifebut only at a great price. Although it tears him apart, William agrees to save Allen from his fate and begins a chain of events that offers him great treasuresthe crown of the nation, a magical device that opens a door to a world of dragons and, rarest of all, the love of two good peoplewhich he knows he does not deserve.Can the aid of the dragons put right the damage done?Warning: This book is an alternative romance with three people (two men and a woman) falling in love.

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