The Promise of Trinitarian Theology: Theologians in Dialogue with T. F. Torrance

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Thomas F. Torrance is considered by many to be the most outstanding living Reformed theologian in the Anglo-Saxon world. In The Promise of Trinitarian Theology, Elmer M. Colyer presents a collection of essays critiquing Torrance's work. It explores his place in Reformed theology and his relation to the Greek fathers. Both everyday life and scientific understanding are discussed in the essays within. The Promise of Trinitarian Theology is a hopeful step engaging the works of T. F. Torrance and the theology behind his words.


Chapter 1 Thomas Forsyth Torrance: Minister of the Gospel, Pastor, Evangelical Theologian Chapter 2 T. F. Torrance in Relation to Reformed Theology Chapter 3 The Christology of Thomas F. Torrance Chapter 4 The Holy Spirit in T. F. Torrance's Theology Chapter 5 Being and Person: T. F. Torrance's Doctrine of God Chapter 6 The Dimension of Depth: Thomas F. Torrance on the Sacraments Chapter 7 Reading T. F. Torrance as a Practical Theologian Chapter 8 Revelation, Scripture, Mystical Apprehension of Divine Knowledge Chapter 9 A Scientific Theological Method Chapter 10 Humanity in an Intelligble Cosmos: Non-Duality in Albert Einstein and Thomas Torrance Chapter 11 Natural Science and Christian Faith in the Thought of T. F. Torrance Chapter 12 Thomas Torrance Responds


Elmer M. Colyer is associate professor of historical theology at University of Dubuque Theological Seminary in Iowa.


It will be of interest to anyone seeking an introduction to Torrance's thought as a whole, or to any of its various facets. Theology Today This is an excellent collection that not only provides insight into Torrance's work, but that of significant contemporary Reformed theologians. This book should be essential reading for all interested in contemporary Reformed theology, the influence of Karl Barth, historical theology, and the work of one of its most vigorous proponents. Calvin Theological Journal Every young theology student should read this fascinating volume, if for no other reason than to clarify the foundational issues facing the scholarship of the twenty-first century as it begins its encounter with a post-modern world. Southwestern Journal Of Theology The essays provide a rich introduction to Torrance and his faith, his place in the Reformed tradition, and many focuses of his work. The book affords a reliable and accessible account of the range of Torrance's thought. -- Daniel W. Hardy, University of Cambridge
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