The 60-Minute Money Workout: An Easy Step-By-Step Guide to Getting Your Finances Into Shape

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Financial transformation in just one hour a week! You can revolutionize your finances in only sixty minutes! Looking for long-term economic stability and not common quick-fix schemes? Discover the secrets that Ellie Kay used to deliver her family from $40,000 in consumer debt. Now a nationally recognized financial expert and best-selling author, Ellie shares her one-hour-a-week program that has made it possible to take care of her family and do it all debt-free! With entertaining anecdotes, easy-to-follow charts, and practical advice, The 60-Minute Money Workout is both fun and feasible. You'll be able to: > Get out of debt and save for your kids' college > Have meaningful and debt-free vacations > Pay cash for your cars > Make a difference in the world by giving generously > Find financial peace with your spouse > Be content with your current circumstances > Latch onto hope for your financial future In just one hour a week, you'll be financially stronger and smarter. Revolutionize your quality of life with the Workout and you'll never look back!


Ellie Kay, married to a military man, moved eleven times in thirteen years and had five children in seven years. An engaging speaker, Ellie has appeared on over 300 radio stations and numerous TV shows. She and her husband and children now make their home in New Mexico.
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