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August 2008



This husband-and-wife collaboration provides a tour of the Canadian provinces and territories. Wandering Wally, Hiking Holly and Ambling Andy trek across the various regions of Canada, meeting with friends and getting to know their country a little better. Readers will make some discoveries of their own, including that the highest population of elderly Canadians is in Saskatchewan, the world's largest rodeo is held in Alberta and that New Brunswick is the home of the world's longest covered bridge. For very brief introductions to the major natural formations and economic industries of Canada's provinces and territories, this is a good choice for younger readers. The mnemonic device of naming characters after the provincial capitals will help kids memorize them effortlessly. Combine this with the rhyming verses summarizing the important information, and Weisberg and Yoffe have created quite the learning tool: "On Vancouver Island there's a lovely coastal breeze. / Victoria dances round and round the old Red Cedar trees." The artwork mirrors the text, with maps showing the geography of each province and territory in Canada and their highlighted regions. Unfortunately, the illustrations are rather simplistic-rudimentary cartoons and clip art-with a limited color palette that adds to their lack of spark. The straightforward design and large illustrations, though, will be helpful for visual learners. Helpful mnemonic devices and a simple presentation make learning about Canada a breeze.

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