Encounters with Melanie Klein

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Argues that two professions, anthropology and psychoanalysis, have much in common, the author explains how her background in anthropology led her on to a profound involvement in psychoanalysis. She also includes her own clinical ideas with papers on envy, phantasy, technique, the negative therapeutic reaction, and otherness.


Roth, Rusbridger, Preface. Spillius, General Introduction. Part 1: From Anthropology to Psychoanalysis. Anthropology and Psychoanalysis: A Personal Concordance. Kleinian Thought: Overview and Personal View. Part 2: In Melanie Klein's Archive. Introduction: The Archive. Melanie Klein Revisited: Her Unpublished Thoughts on Technique. Melanie Klein on the Past. Projective Identification: Back to the Future. Part 3: Interaction of Ideas and Clinical Work. Clinical Reflections on the Negative Therapeutic Reaction. Varieties of Envious Experience. Freud and Klein on the Concept of Phantasy. Developments in Kleinian Technique. Recognition of Separateness and Otherness.


Elizabeth Spillius trained originally in psychology and anthropology and then at the British Institute of Psychoanalysis.


"This is a fine book, both as a refreshing and illuminating account of Melanie Klein's thinking, and as an expression of Elizabeth Spillius's own attitudes to and work in psychoanalysis" - Michael Brearley, International Journal of Psychoanalysis, (2008) 89 "This fascinating, absorbing book is as much about how Elizabeth Spillius integrates her original discipline of anthropology into her thinking and practice as an analyst as it is about the theoretical contribution of Melanie Klein... I would recommend this book to any reader interested in the original works of Melanie Klein and the development of her theory, which would seem to confirm the richness of her original model." - Karen Stobart, Journal of Analytical Psychology, 53, 2008
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