Ten Good Seconds of Silence

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September 2001



Lilith Boot uses visions to help Toronto police find missing children, while her daughter, Lemon, struggles to distinguish herself from her quirky mother.


Elizabeth Ruth is a Toronto-based writer whose fiction had been published in literary journals and anthologies across Canada. She has written for CBC Radio, magazines, academic journals, and video. Elizabeth is an editor with Fireweed Journal and the founder and curator of a monthly literary reading series. She has a masters degree in education and counselling psychology from the University of Toronto. Ten Good Seconds of Silence is her first novel.


This is an important book for its daring, direct look at issues and people we too often confine not only in the margins of society, but in our minds as well. -- The Toronto Star, Nov 18, 2001 Brilliantly crafted and filled with glorious, intriguing characters, this debut novel from Canadian author Elizabeth Rutgh is a joy to the heart and soul. -- The Telegram (St. John's, NF) Oct 14, 2001 Ruth's debut novel strikes chords of identity, loss and memory that resonate with all of us. -- Hamilton Spectator Sept 8, 2001 nuanced and compelling writing. -- Globe and Mail Sept 20, 2001 a most unusual and impressive novel. -- Vancouver Sun Jan 5, 2002 Ruth explores the things that make us tick with an attention to detail that never completely bogs down the plot's momentum. We quickly come to root for Lilith the survivor and love the scrappy Lemon's adolescent mistakes. This first novel forecasts a unique talent. -- Now Magazine Sept 20, 2001
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