Loaves of Fun

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September 1999



From the pitas of ancient Mesopotamia to the white breads of the modern bakery, kids can explore the globe with more than 30 exciting recipes and activities about the history of bread. "Loaded with things to do . . . Well written and well researched".--Tom McMakin, Director of Field Support, Great Harvest Bread Co.


Introduction to the Social Determinants of Health; Income and Income Distribution; Income and Health in Canada; Unemployment and the Labour Market; Labour Market Flexibility and Worker Insecurity; The Unhealthy Canadian Workplace; Understanding and Improving the Health of Work; Early Childhood Education and Care; Early Childhood Education and Health; The State and Quality of Canadian Public Education; Literacy: One of the Most Important Social Determinants of Health Today; Food Insecurity; Health Implications of Food Insecurity; Housing; Housing and Health; Social Exclusion; Social Inclusion/Exclusion and Health: Dancing the Dialectic; The Health of Aboriginal Peoples; The Political Determinants of Health; Health Care and Health; The Contribution of the Social Economy Toward Healthy Social Policy Reforms in Canada : A Quebec Viewpoint; Health, Social Policy, Social Economies and the Voluntary Sector; Conclusion: Addressing and Surmounting the Political and Social Barriers to Health.
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Untertitel: A History of Bread with Activities and Recipes from Around the World. b/w illus. Sprache: Englisch.
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