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September 2009



Bridging literary conventions, this work explores the cultural origins of a quiet revolution that occurred over the course of the twentieth century. It combines novelistic and ethnographic techniques to illuminate population dynamics that have raised alarm across Europe and the US, and manifested, for example, in Italy's extremely low birthrate.


List of Illustrations Cast of Characters Acknowledgments Introduction Part I: History Imagined
1. Postcards
2. Abandoned
3. Telling Time
4. Fascist Folk
5. Giotto's Circle
6. Blood Relations
7. Chains
8. Rations
9. War Country
10. Resistance
11. American Chocolates
12. Only One Part II: Memory Encountered
13. Neighbors
14. A Weaver's Tale
15. Progress
16. Singles' Sexuality
17. Amazing Grace
18. A Burning Question
19. Generation Gap
20. Wet" and Hidden Economies Epilogue Notes References Index


Elizabeth L. Krause is Associate Professor in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. She is the author of A Crisis of Births: Population Politics and Family-Making in Italy.


"Has the power and persuasiveness of a beautifully narrated story, one that can make you laugh and cry like life itself."--European History Qtly "A thought-provoking and magnificently crafted piece of work... [Krause's] narrative is both descriptive and hauntingly alive."--H-Net Reviews
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Untertitel: A Weaver's Tale of Life Gone Modern. 11 b/w photographs. Sprache: Englisch.
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