Language and Learning in Multilingual Classrooms

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This book offers practical research-based advice for teachers on how to adapt school and classroom procedures, curriculum content and instructional strategies in order to provide a supportive learning environment for students of minority language backgrounds who are learning the language of instruction as they are learning the curriculum.


Section I: Getting Started
1.The New Arrival
2.First Contact and Beyond
Section II: Planning: A Whole-School Approach
3. Linguistic and Academic Support for Newcomers and l 2Ls
4. Differentiated Instruction and Assessment for Newcomers and l 2Ls
5. Planning Ahead
Section III: In the Classroom
6. An Inclusive Learning Environment
7. Making Space for Community Languages
8. Oral Language in Every Classroom
9. Reading and Writing in Every Classroom
10. Vocabulary Instruction in Every Classroom


Elizabeth Coelho, a former coordinator for English as a Second Language in Toronto, has taught teacher education courses at the University of Toronto, and worked on policy and resource development at the Ontario Ministry of Education. Her book Teaching and Learning in Multicultural Schools: An Integrated Approach, also published by Multilingual Matters, is used on teacher education courses across Canada.


This book is a gift for education. Written by an author committed to children's lives, teachers' missions, scholars' works and policy responsibilities, it is a compilation of the most advanced knowledge on language learning, migration and inclusion; a meticulous sequence of lucid orientations and reflections and an effortless, inspiring read. Let's spread the word!Silvia Carrasco, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain
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