Paradise Remade: The Politics of Culture and History in Hawai'i

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Januar 1994



Deals with politics of competing cultures and myths in a colonized nation. The author considers the transformation of Hawaiian culture focusing on the indigenous population rather than on the colonizers. She describes how Hawaii's established religious, social, political, and economic relationships have changed in the past 200 years.


1. Introduction Competing Myths of Hawai'I History and the Politics of Culture Hawaiian Historiography 2. Thinking about Hawaiian History Conceptualizing Structural Change: Marxist Perspectives Language and Power: Poststructuralist Perspectives 3. Hawai'i before Contact with the West The Hawaiian Social Structure Ideological Reproduction Chant and Hula: At the Ideological Center Structure and Change before Contact 4. Western Penetration and Structural Transformation The Penetration of Capitalism Transformation to Capitalism: The Mahele The New Political-Economy of Sugar Hawaiian Sovereignty at Risk 5. Transformations in Ideological Representations: Chant and Hula Cultural Interaction in Hawai'I The Intrusion of Western Culture Changes in Hawaiian Chant and Hula New Forms of Hawaiian Music Music and Resistance 6. Transformations in Language and Power The Movement from Orality to Literacy The Power of Writing The Displacement of Hawaiian by English Discourses about Chang and Hula 7. Contending Representations of Hawaiian Culture The Political-Economy of Hawai'i in the Twentieth Century Hawaiian Music and the Industries of Culture Tourism and Paradise: Appropriating Hawaiian Culture The Politics of Culture Hawai'i Style Hawaiians and the Politics of Culture Notes Glossary Index


"[A] thought provoking account of the history of Hawai'i's indigenous people... [Buck] examines the transformations of successive social structures and the various relationships of power and domination in Hawaiian history before and after contact with the West. Buck uses the changing contexts of the production, practice and meaning of the chant and hula, and the later emergence of Hawaiian music, to inform our understanding of the cultural and social implication of political and economic change... Well worth reading." --Journal of American History "Buck has written an exemplary theoretical meditation on the politics of cutlure and of history, embedded in a richly nuanced and evocative study of Hawai'i's past." --American Studies "Betty Buck has a rare gift. She reads, understands, and processes a wide array of political, philosophical, and literary theory well enough to apply the ideas to specific cases, phenomena, or processes and to ask questions of that material that less theoretically informed researchers are far less likely to find interesting, or to even ask." --Virginia R. Dominguez, University of California, Santa-Cruz
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