Second Chances

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By the author and photographer of Found Dogs, more wonderful profiles of people and their adopted dogs.


Elise Lufkin has been involved with dogs all her life. For many years she worked with various animal shelters, socializing dogs to make them better candidates for adoption. She has been active in promoting humane education projects. Lufkin was one of the founders of New York City's Great American Mutt Show. She and her dog, Posy, are actice in a Pet Partners program and regularly visit residents at a nearby nursing home. They live in the mountains of central Idaho. The enthusuasm for her earlier book, Found Dogs: Tales of Strays Who Landed on Their Feet, inspired this sequel. Diana Walker is a contract photographer for Time magazine. Her images have won prizes and have appeared in many major publications including People, Life, The New York Times Magazine and Paris Match. She is the author of Public & Private: Twenty Years Photographing the Presidency. Her work can be found in the collections of the Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery, the Chicago Art Institute, the Minneapolis Museum of Art, and the Center For American History at the University of Texas. She lives in Washington D.C.
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