The Transmission of Chinese Medicine

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Dezember 1999



A fascinating insider's account of traditional medical practices in the People's Republic of China.


1. The secret transmission of knowledge and practice; 2. Qigong and the concept of Qi; 3. The personal transmission of knowledge; 4. Interpreting a classical Chinese medical text; 5. The standardised transmission of knowledge; 6. Teaching from traditional Chinese medical textbooks; 7. Styles of knowing; Appendix.


'... an excellent blend of ideas, narrative and information ... the book is beautifully-written and the ideas are succinctly expressed ... Elisabeth Hsu offers thought-provoking insights that are pertinent to anybody who is interested in the education of practitioners and therefore the future of Chinese medicine.' Journal of Chinese Medicine 'As the first ethnographic description of a college of traditional Chinese medicine [Hsu's] book opens a whole new area for research in medical anthropology ... this book will stimulate new research by other ethnologists, and its talented author will surely continue to expand the reach of medical anthropology.' The Journal of The Royal Anthropological Institute
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