Now Is the Hour: Native American Prophecies & Guidance for Earth Changes

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August 2012



What would you do if:

the power went off for a week or longer during the winter?
the grocery stores closed?
you had to evacuate your home suddenly because of fire or flood?
there was a medical emergency and rescue personnel couldn't reach you?

Whether it is El Niño, global warming, or the end of the world as we know it, more and more people are being forced to come to grips with these questions. Now Is the Hour reminds us that we never know when these changes will come upon us and that we can allay our fears by being prepared.

Citing prophesies of past and present Native Americans and her own personal visions, we are warned of the dire consequences of mistreating our Mother Earth and also consoled with the promise that prayer and balanced living can begin to repair the damage we have already done. With suggestions of how we can begin changing our ways and those of future generations, and very practical guides for emergency preparedness, Now Is the Hour is an inspiring and practical handbook for our perilous times.
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