Making Peace Instructor's Manual: A Reading/Writing/Thinking Text on Global Community

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Juli 1998



This book uses peace education to teach reading and writing skills.


Introduction; The exercises; Using the text; The texts; Part I. State of the World: 1. The illusion of progress; 2. Land hunger in Asia; 3. Eradicate nuclear weapons from the face of the Earth; 4. Picturing a sustainable society; Part II. Men and Women: 5. Where I come from is like this; 6. Liza and family; 7. American men don't cry; 8. machismo in Washington; Part III. Children, Family, and Education: 9. Grandparents have Copped out; 10. From affirming diversity; 11. An education in language; 12. Children and war; Part IV. Cross-Cultural Encounters: 13. The Arab world; 14. Anglo vs. Chicano: why?; 15. Living in two cultures; 16. The ways of meeting oppression; Part V. Spiritual Values: 17. From who needs God; 18. From freedom from fear; 19. The simplicity of love; 20. environmentalism of the spirit; Part VI. Working for a Better World: 21. Stages of community making; 22. Understand what needs to be done; 23. The need for solidarity; 24. Political activity.
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