The Dancers Dancing

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It is 1972: a group of teenagers, some from Dublin, some from Derry, spend a month in the Donegal Gaeltacht, learning Irish language and culture. A brilliant critically acclaimed novel about growing up.


EILIS NI DHUIBHNE was born in Dublin. Her works include Blood and Water, The Bray House, Eating Women is Not Recommended, The Inland Ice and The Pale Gold of Alaska. She has won the Bisto Book of the Year Award, the Readers' Association of Ireland Award, the Stewart Parker Award and an Oireachtas. The Dancers Dancing was shortlisted for the Orange Prize for Fiction in 2000. Her most recent book, W.B. Yeats:Works and Days, was voted the Irish Publishers' Book of the Year, 2007. She works as a librarian in the National Library of Ireland.


'Ni Dhuibhne has a great way of mixing and merging the realistic with something otherworldly, like crossing an Alice Munro or an Anne Tyler with an Angela Carter or a Jeanette Winterson.' Books Ireland 'With a delicate touch not unlike Arundhati Roy's in The God of Small Things, Ni Dhuibhne sneaks under the ill-fitting skin of her metamorphosing Derry and Dublin cast. Their stories unravel in shifting voices with all the wisdom and perspective of an omniscient narrator.' Sunday Business Post 'Ni Dhuibhne's writing is marvellous, building layers of impression until a complex, vital and true-false picture of liberation is revealed.' Irish Times 'Her observations are lemon-fresh, her writing beautiful, witty and wry.' Sunday Express 'The author portrays the wild beauty of north Donegal, the doubt and confusion of girls just beginning to discover their sexuality, with a lyrical use of language that perfectly catches the mood of both time and place. The book is a joy to read and sustains the air of wonder, of unsolved mystery to the final chapter.' Irish Immigrant Review Nielsen BookData BIC subject:
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Untertitel: A Powerful Coming-of-Age Novel. Sprache: Englisch.
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