Alzheimer's: A Handbook for the Caretaker

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April 1994



A manual written by a person who has spent a lifetime caring for Alzheimer patients, from the onset of the disease until their passing. It is useful for carers, but especially helpful for family members, relatives and friends.


"Although this book is 12 years old, the content is timeless. When my mother was diagnosed with early stages of this disease, I was at a loss. I ordered two or three books on the subject, with this being one of them. This was the BEST OF THE LOT. Easy to read and written for laymen there is not a lot of medical jargon here. Rather in concise terms signs and symptoms are listed in chapters that allow you to read about the progression of this disease. The emphasis is on the caregiver and how to relate to your loved one. This book came in so handy over the course of my caregiving, I read it over and over. It is wonderful that a nurse wrote this in such a one on one format. Although my mother is gone, this book is a keeper for dealing with other dementia patients/people one comes in contact with. I would make it mandatory reading for anyone dealing with dementia parents/patients." -- Review on
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