Love in a Fallen City

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Oktober 2006



A New York Review Books Original" ""ÝÄ giant of modern Chinese literature" "-The New York Times" "With language as sharp as a knife edge, Eileen Chang cut open a huge divide in Chinese culture, between the classical patriarchy and our troubled modernity. She was one of the very few able truly to connect that divide, just as her heroines often disappeared inside it. She is the fallen angel of Chinese literature, and now, with these excellent new translations, English readers can discover why she is so revered by Chinese readers everywhere." "-"Ang Lee Eileen Chang was born in China and died in Los Angeles, living most of her life as an obscure, impoverished, and reclusive exile. She ran away from a troubled family to lead the bohemian life of a writer, and in the late Thirties and Forties her stories about Shanghai and Hong Kong transformed Chinese literature. Chang said her goal was to describe "the little things that happen between men and women," and she did this in a way that was at once subtle, up-to-date, psychologically fraught, unsentimental, and full of richly suggestive imagery. She is now recognized as one of China's great writers not only by a few critics and academics, but by a vast and passionate public. Love in a Fallen City is the first English-language publication to present a full selection of this haunting writer's novellas, the heart of her achievement. These are stories of seduction and betrayal, hypocrisy, cruelty, and frustration: a girl falls for a cad who she knows does not love her; a young man is driven to an act of terrible and yet futile violence by his father's abuse and his own dark desires; a woman draws on the ever-diminishing credit ofher good reputation in an attempt to snare an indifferent man; a couple's accidental meeting in a besieged city leads to the discovery that true love is a matter of expediency, not passion. "The Story of the Golden Cangue," here in Eileen Chang's own celebrated translation,


EILEEN CHANG (1920-1995) was born in Shanghai. In 1952 she migrated to Hong Kong to work as a translator for the American News Agency. She fled Communist China for the United States in 1956, never to return again. After living in New York, Chang moved to California, where she was a prominent fiction writer, essayist, public intellectual, and translator. In September 1995 she was found dead in her Los Angeles department. Her works include "Romances," "The Rice-Sprout Song: A Novel of Modern China," and "The Rouge of the North."
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