Conflict Resolution in Early Childhood: Helping Children Understand, Manage, and Resolve Conflicts

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August 2003



Examines the nature of conflict among 2 to 8-year-olds from a constructivist/ecological perspective - integrating themes of caring, building classroom community, connecting curriculum, involving family and community, and responding to the educational climate. This text is intended for courses in the Guidance and Management of Young Children.


ONE: CHILDREN'S CONFLICTS WITH PEERS: A FIRST LOOK. 1. An Introduction to Children's Conflicts with Peers. 2. Frameworks for Conflict Resolution: Responding to Issues of Violence, Peace Education, and Safe Environments. TWO: PEER CONFLICT AND CHILDREN'S DEVELOPMENT. 3. Observing and Understanding Children's Peer Conflicts. 4. Characteristics of Young Children's Peer Culture. 5. Cognitive-Developmental, Sociomoral, and Sociocultural Perspectives. 6. Sociological, Sociolinguistic, and Social Learning Perspectives. THREE: HELPING CHILDREN UNDERSTAND, MANAGE, AND RESOLVE CONFLICTS: "A THREE-LAYER CAKE." 7. Creating a Caring Classroom. 8. Curriculum for Caring and Conflict Resolution: Preschool and Kindergarten 9. Curriculum for Conflict Resolution: Primary Grades. 10. Adult Intervention in Young Children's Peer Conflicts. FOUR: SUPPORTING CHILDREN'S CONFLICT RESOLUTION BEYOND THE CLASSROOM: UNDERSTANDING AND COLLABORATION IN FAMILY, SCHOOL, AND COMMUNITY. 11. Working with Families and Communities for Conflict Resolution. 12. Program Models for Conflict Resolution. 13. Reflection and Action: Conflict Resolution with Children and Adults. Appendix A: Observation Tools: Play Scales. Appendix B: Observation Forms and Resources. Appendix C: Children's Books for Caring, Conflict Resolution, and Peace Building. References. Name Index. Subject Index.
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