A Contemporary Guide to Literary Terms: With Strategies for Writing Essays about Literature

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A handbook of literary terms for a range of courses, including introduction to literature, literature for composition, American literature, British literature, and Shakespeare.


I. GLOSSARY. II. STRATEGIES FOR WRITING ESSAYS ABOUT LITERATURE. Introduction. Background Narrative on "Mood and Images in Rita Dove's 'Silos'". Choosing a Subject. Preparing to Write and Organizing Material. Drafting and Revising the Essay. Background Narrative on "Point of View and Irony in Chopin's 'The Story of an Hour'". Selection of a Topic. Preliminary Work. Starting the Essay: Organization. Second Draft. Final Touches. Background Narrative on "The Cinderella Motif in Austen's Pride and Prejudice". Selecting and Narrowing Down a Subject. Determining Credibility and Appropriateness of Secondary Sources. Choosing Organization Strategies. Refining the Introduction and Conclusion. Background Narrative on "Excursion into Neverland: The Importance of the Edenic World in Peter and Wendy and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer". Choosing a Subject. Organizing the Comparative Essay. Writing the Essay. Background Narrative on "Love and Money in Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility: A Comparison of Novel and Film". Choosing a Subject. Comparing a Film Version and the Original Text. Final Tips. Advice for Essay Examinations. Avoiding Plagiarism. A Brief Guide to Documenting Sources. Grammar, Punctuation, and Style. Index of Authors and Works. Index of Terms. Acknowledgements.
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