The Silent Woman: A Nicholas Bracewell Mystery

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Februar 2002



Fortune casts the lot of Lord Westfield's
men among thieves and murderers...

"Mr. Marston's revenge plot has all the swashbuckling thrills and romantic swagger of the blood-and-thunder tragedies that are meat and drink to Westfield's Men."-The New York Times Book Review

When fire destroys their London theater, Lord Westfield's players must seek out humbler venues in the countryside. But company manager Nicholas Bracewell is distracted by a shocking tragedy: a mysterious messenger from his native Devon is murdered by poison. Though the messenger is silenced, Nicholas understands what he must do-return to his birthplace and reconcile some unfinished business from the past.
The rest of Westfield's Men, penniless and dejected, ride forth with him on a nightmare tour that will perhaps become their valedictory, dogged by plague, poverty, rogues, and thieves. And among the sinister shadows that glide silently with them toward Devon is one who means Nicholas never to arrive...

Edward Marston, under his real name, Keith Miles, was raised in Wales and went on to study modern history at Oxford. He has been a university lecturer, radio, television, and theatre dramatist, and, in addition to writing, has worked as an actor and director. His 7th novel for Lord Westfield's men, The Roaring Boy, was a 1996 Edgar Allan Poe Award nominee for best novel. He lives in Kent.
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