Living Well on Practically Nothing

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November 2001



Living Well on Practically Nothing: Revised and Updated Edition is for people who need to live on a lot less money. If you have been fired, demoted, retired, divorced, widowed, bankrupted or swindled - or you just want to quit your job and remain financially self-reliant - this book is for you. In it are hundreds of tips, secrets and necessary skills for living well on little money. Chapters include: Save Up to $37,000 a Year and Live on $12,000 a Year; Low-Cost Computers for Fun, Profit, and Education; Some Ways to Live on No Money at All; A Day of Cheap Living; A New Career or Business for You; Fix Things and Make Them Last; and Protect Your Investments and Make Them Grow. From cover to cover, this book is stocked with proven methods for saving money on shelter, food, clothing, transportation, entertainment, health care and more. The author left the "system" in 1969 and has worked for himself ever since. Let him show you how you, too, can live happily, comfortably and with complete financial freedom.


Introduction 1. Keep Your Self-Respect While Poor 2. A Day of Cheap Living 3. Save Up to USD37,500 a Year and Live on USD12,000 a Year 4. Some Ways to Live on No Money at All 5. A New Career or Business for You 6. Low-Cost Computers for Fun, Profit, and Education 7. Whether, Where, and How to Relocate 8. Save Money on Food 9. Save on Clothing 10. Save on Shelter 11. Mobile Shelter 12. Save on Utilities or Do Without 13. Save on Transportation 14. Save on Education, Entertainment, and Vacations 15. Protect Your Investments and Make Them Grow 16. Save on Health and Medical Care 17. Fix Things and Make Them Last Conclusion


The late Edward H. Romney, the author and publisher of a popular series of books on repairing cameras, grew up in the 1930s, part of an old New England family that lost their money in the Great Depression. Before leaving his job in 1969 to live as a self-employed entrepreneur, he taught electronics, psychology, sociology and education at the college level.
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