The NU Collitch Dickshunary

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The Nu Collitch Dickshunary is a humorous collection of words that appeared on essays written over a 20-year period by college students in the author's class on Contemporary Social Problems. The purpose of the essays, which were meant to be an exercise in critical thinking, was to give the students an opportunity to comment on particular problems as they were discussed in the reading assignments, lectures or in film/video presentations. The essays not only illustrate the ingenuity and creativity of today's young people in finding the right words to fit a particular situation, but they also reveal a high degree of originality in their spelling practices. In order to preserve some of these "gems" for posterity the author noted them on 3x5 cards, and over the years compiled a fairly extensive collection (or collation as one of his students might write); and in this small volume he has brought them together for your edification and possible amusement.

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