Political Business in East Asia

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The relationship between government and business has become a central issue in East Asia since the financial crisis of 1997. As the Asian economies try to advance the reform process, recent scandals involving corruption and cronyism have demonstrated the ongoing significance of the issue. This edited book features a range of distinguished international specialists and explores the interaction between politics and business across the region. Detailed case-studies focus on Japan, China, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia. This is the first comprehensive introduction to government-business relations in the region and makes a significant contribution to our understanding of the problems faced by the Asian economies.


Preface Acknowledgements List of Tables List of Figures List of Contributors Introduction: Political Business in East Asia Edmund Terence Gomez 1. Development and Corruption: The East Asian Paradox Andrew Wedeman 2. Political Business Alliances: The Role of the State and Foreign and Domestic Capital in Economic Development Johannes Dragsbaek Schmidt 3. Political Business in Malaysia: Party Factionalism, Corporate Development and Economic Crisis Edmund Terence Gomez 4. KMT, Inc: Liberalization, Democratization and the Future of Politics in Business Karl Fields 5. State Predation and Rapid Growth: Politicization of Business in China Andrew Wedeman 6. The Political Business of Development in South Korea Peter Ward 7. Politics, Business and Democratization in Indonesia Stefan Eklof 8. Democratization and Economic Crisis in Thailand: Political Business and the Changing Dynamic of the State Tom Wingfield 9. State, Politics and Business in Singapore Stephen Haggard and Linda Low 10. Politics, Business and the Inescapable web of Structural Corruption in Japan James Babb


"The book offers a valuable analysis of the ties between politics and business in various East Asian countries.."
-Pacific Affairs, Fall 2003
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