Under the Moons of Mars

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Ambushed in the cold moonlight of an Arizona night, Captain John Carter is inexplicably teleported to Mars, called Barsoom by its inhabitants. Legendary Barsoom -- where hostile tribes of towering green warriors roam an arid landscape of dead cities and feuding city-states; where pilgrimages are made to a river of death that conceals a terrifying secret; where life spans are measured in centuries; and where airships speed through the thinning atmosphere while duels are fought with swords below. Stranded and fighting for his life in a dying, savage world, John Carter embarks on one of the greatest adventures of all time as his destiny and Barsoom's become one.The first three books of Edgar Rice Burroughs's brilliantly conceived Barsoom series -- A Princess of Mars, The Gods of Mars, and The Warlord of Mars -- are brought together here for the first time. The trilogy follows the saga of John Carter from his unexpected arrival on Barsoom through hair-raising adventures and startling discoveries from pole to pole of the planet.


Edgar Rice Burroughs (1876-1950) is one of the most influential American authors of science fiction and adventure. His novels include "Tarzan of the Apes" and, available in Bison Frontiers of Imagination editions, "The Land That Time Forgot," "At the Earth's Core," "Beyond Thirty," "The Moon Maid," and "Pirates of Venus." James P. Hogan is a respected science fiction writer and the author of such novels as "Martian Knightlife," "Bug Park," "The Legend That Was Earth," and "Realtime Interrupt."
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