Children and Books in the Modern World

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Juli 1996



This text is concerned with contemporary attitudes and approaches to the teaching of literacy, children's literature and other non-book texts and media. Based on research from the UK, the USA and Europe it makes a contribution to theory and practice


Introduction - literacy now; Part 1 National perspectives on literacy policy: literacy - its roller coaster ride through US education, John S. Simmons; beyond England's National Curriculum for English, Ed Marum; core curriculum, cultural heritage, literacy - recent perspectives and trends in Norwegian education, Bjorg B. Gundem. Part 2 Teaching and research perspectives on literacy: how do we evaluate the literature curriculum? About a social frame of reference, Gert Rijlaarsdam and Tanja Janssen; students as self-assessors - learning experiences of literature teaching in secondary schools, Tanja Janssen and Gert Rijlaarsdam; outside Forster's machine - re-representing technology in the age of cyberspace, Neil Campbell. Part 3 Books, literacy and other things: reading more than print, Ed Marum; a tentative non-conclusion, Ed Marum.
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