A Treatise on the Analytical Dynamics of Particles and Rigid Bodies: With an Introduction to the Problem of Three Bodies

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November 1988



There can be few books on mathematical mechanics as famous as this, a work that forms a comprehensive account of all the classical results of analytical dynamics.


Part I. Kinematical Preliminaries; Part II. The Equations of Motion; Part III. Principles Available for the Integration; Part IV. The Soluble Problems of Particle Dynamics; Part V. The Dynamical Specification of Bodies; Part VI. The Soluble Problems of Rigid Dynamics; Part VII. Theory of Vibrations; Part VIII. Non-Holonomic Systems, Dissipative Systems; Part IX. The Principles of Least Action and Least Curvature; Part X. Hamiltonian Systems and their Integral-Invariants; Part XI. The Transformation-Theory of Dynamics; Part XII. Properties of the Integrals of Dynamical Systems; Part XIII. The Reduction of the Problem of Three Bodies; Part XIV. The Theorems of Bruns and Poincare; Part XV. The General Theory of Orbits; Part XVI. Integration by Series; Index of authors quoted; Index of terms employed.


'The classical treatise on the subject of analytical dynamics - a work at once eminently readable, rigorously exact, and almost encyclopaedically comprehensive.' Science Progress 'It has become the standard work on the topics with which it deals.' Mathematical Gazette 'The best in the English language.' Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society
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