Kubla Khan and the Fall of Jerusalem: The Mythological School in Biblical Criticism and Secular Literature 1770-1880

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Juni 1980



The development of the mythological school of European Biblical criticism.


Acknowledgements; Introduction; 1. The Fall of Jerusalem: Coleridge's unwritten epic; 2. The visionary character: revelation and the lyrical ballad; 3. The oriental idyll; 4. Holderlin's 'Patmos' ode and 'Kubla Khan': mythological doubling; 5. Browning's St John: the casuistry of the higher criticism; 6. Daniel Deronda and the conventions of fiction; Appendices; Notes; Select bibliography; Index.


' Dr Schaffer's own erudition and her intellectual grasp and clarity are both great. She is one of those rare scholars who can, simultaneously, not only see both the wood and the trees, but point them out to others, offering an aerial perspective, a neat sketch, a botanical analysis, a map and a hint of poetical vision at the same time.' The New Review 'It is no exaggeration to say that this study is one of the few produced recently which European scholars and thinkers, so often and pertinently quoted, will have to take very seriously indeed.' George Steiner, The Times
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