Total Business Planning

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April 1999



Total Business Planning: A Step-by-Step Guide integrates strategic, operational, and financial planning in this comprehensive resource. Now completely revised and expanded, this popular business guide answers key questions concerning the preparation and structure of a business plan. With special focus on creative thinking and vision process, it provides methodologies for successfully constructing feasibility studies for new products, building short-term operation plans for business units, and creating plans aimed at the capital markets. Covering the nine levels of the planning process, Total Business Planning addresses such essential topics as vision, philosophy and mission, corporate objectives, tactics and projections, and budgeting. Along with an exhaustive appendix and helpful definitions, you'll also find a disk with easy-to-use form templates to make the planning job easier.


Vision. Philosophy and Mission. Strategic Plan. Corporate Objectives. Planning Unit Goals. Tactics and Projections. Budgeting. Coordination. Implementation and Follow-up. Conclusion. Appendix. About the Disk.


E. JAMES BURTON returned to teaching after more than 16 years of hands-on operation of businesses he started, managed, and sold. Formerly president and founder of Professional Growth Associates, Inc., he is now Professor of Accounting and Executive Director, Jones Chairs of Excellence at Middle Tennessee State University.
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