Experiencing Christ Within: Passionately Embracing God's Provisions for Supernatural Living

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Januar 2002



Now believers can experience a passionate Christian life that really can be new every day, by releasing the lavish supernatural resources that permanently reside within every believer's soul. In this 13-session companion study to Revolution Within, ideal for individuals or groups, author Dwight Edwards guides readers on a fascinating examination of the biblical truths that are some of the most powerful yet badly neglected in the Word of God. The results: readers will tap into a vibrant eternal reality and experience refreshing intimacy with God, new liberty, a deeper sense of community with other believers, and a greater capacity for ministry -- all with a renewed passion for God's glory.


Dwight Edwards serves as senior pastor for the 2,500-person congregation of Grace Bible Church in College Station, Texas. A direct descendant of the renowned early-American preacher Jonathan Edwards, he attended Dallas Theological Seminary. He serves as a consultant to Dr. Larry Crabb's New Way Ministries. He has authored Revolution WithinA Fresh Look at Supernatural Living, Experiencing Christ Within Workbook and Releasing The Rivers Within.
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