The Eighty Years' Crisis: International Relations 1919-1999

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Dezember 2002



An examination of International Relations, providing a survey of the discipline's past and the key issues of the future.


The Beginnings of Science: 1. The birth of a discipline Peter Wilson; 2. The study of international politics during the Cold War Kal J. Holsti; 3. The English School on the frontiers of international society: a hermeneutic recollection Roger Epp; The International Crisis: 4. Realism and utopianism revisited Michael Nicholson; 5. Theory after the Cold War Georg Sorensen; 6. On constitution and causation in International Relations Alexander Wendt; Power, Politics and Morality: 7. A turn not taken: ethics in International Relations at the Millennium Mervyn Frost; 8. The eighty years' crisis, 1919-1999 - power Paul Hirst; 9. Nationalism and after Jan Jindy Pettman; Law and Change: 10. Condition(s) of peace Emanuel Adler; 11. Politics, norms and peaceful change Friedrich V. Kratochwil; The Prospects for a New International Order: 12. The end of the old order? Globalization and the prospects for world order David Held and Anthony McGrew.


' ... a real gem ... indispensable to our endeavour to understand world politics in the twenty first century.' Brian Schmidt, New York State University at Albany ' ... the editors and the contributors have pulled it off and in so doing have done a lot for a rehistoricized understanding of an international relations which is both idealistic and realistic.' Hayward Alker, University of Southern California ' ... edited books on debates between international relations scholars about the 'state of the field' are often the last place to look for fresh ideas about world politics ... this volume is an exception.' Foreign Affairs ' ... an excellent volume, with both breadth and sophistication, deserving of a wide readership in the study of world politics.' David Dessler, College of William of Mary
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