Education and Practice: Upholding the Integrity of Teaching and Learning

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August 2004



This volume explores the distinctiveness of teaching and learning as a human undertaking and the nature and scope of the philosophy of education. * An investigation of the distinctiveness of teaching and learning as a human undertaking. * Provides fresh thinking on the nature and scope of the philosophy of education.


Preface. Notes on Contributors. Introduction: Joseph Dunne (Dublin City University) and Padraig Hogan (National University of Ireland). 1. Alasdair MacIntyre on Education: In Dialogue with Joseph Dunne: Alasdair MacIntyre (University of Notre) and Joseph Dunne (Dublin City University). 2. Teaching and Learning as a Way of Life: Padraig Hogan (National University of Ireland). 3. MacIntyre: Teaching, Politics and Practice: Kenneth Wain (University of Malta). 4. Is Teaching a Practice?: Nel Noddings (Stanford University). 5. Rival Conceptions of Practice in Education and Teaching: David Carr (University of Edinburgh). 6. Pursuing the Idea/l of an Educated Public: Philosophy's Contributions to Radical School Reform: Daniel Vokey (University of British Columbia). 7. MacIntyre's Moral Theory and the Possibility of an Aretaic Ethics of Teaching: Christopher Higgins (Columbia University, New York). 8. Pulled Up Short: Challenging Self--Understanding as a Focus of Teaching and Learning: Deborah Kerdeman (University of Washington). 9. Thinking With Each Other: the Peculiar Practice of the University: Richard Smith (University of Durham). 10. Is the Virtue Approach to Moral Education Viable in a Plural Society?: Katsushige Katayama (University of London). 11. Teaching as a Practice and a Community of Practice: the Limits of Commonality and the Demands of Diversity: Terence H. McLaughlin (University of Cambridge). 12. Philosophy of Education: Wilfred Carr (University of Sheffield). 13. Arguing for Teaching as a Practice: A Reply to Alasdair MacIntyre: Joseph Dunne (Dublin City University). Bibliography. . Index.


Joseph Dunne is Senior Lecturer in Education at St Patrick's College, Dublin City University, where he co--ordinates the Human Development programme. He is the author of Back to the Rough Ground: Practical Judgement and the Lure of Technique (1997) and the co--editor of Questioning Ireland: Debates in Political Philosophy and Public Policy, (2000) and Childhood and its Discontents: The First Seamus Heaney Lectures (2002). Padraig Hogan is Senior Lecturer in Education at the National University of Ireland, Maynooth. He is a former President of the Educational Studies Association of Ireland and Assistant Editor of the Journal of Philosophy of Education. He is the author of The Custody and Courtship of Experience: Western Education in Philosophical Perspective (1995), and the editor of Partnership and the Benefits of Learning (1995) and Willingly to School? (1987).


"Brings together the visionary thinking of Alasdair MacIntyre and the critical skills of some of the finest contemporary philosophers of education. The result: a rare combustion of intelligence, argument and insight. Dunne and Hogan have done a masterful job. This book is highly recommended to anyone interested in thinking through the current crisis in our educational culture." Richard Kearney, Boston College.
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