The Sociology of Aging: A Social Problems Perspective

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August 1996



Using a sociological perspective, book book examines how aging is asocial construct, rather than a specific chronological age or set of conditions. KEYTOPICS: Covers all facets of aging, and how aging is a consequence of various socialstructural factors, rather than a cause.


"Chapter Review," "Glossary," "Suggested Readings," and "References" follow each chapter. 1. Growing Older: A Sociological Explanation. Aging: A Definition. The Definition of a Social Problem. The Importance of Research. Critical Connection: The Importance of History. 2. Two Realities: Demography and Aging. The History of Aging. Aging in America: An Historical View. Aging Around the World. Future Prospects. Critical Connection: The Importance of Numbers. 3. The View From the Tower: Theoretical Perspectives. Sociology and Social Theory. Sociological Frameworks. Gerontological Frameworks. Critical Connection: What We Believe is What We See. 4. Society, Socialization, and Stereotypes. The Structure of Society. The Influence of Society. Stereotypes of Aging: A Consequence. Critical Connection: What We See is Socially Constructed. 5. Family Relationships Among the Elderly. Family Relationships. The Formal and Informal Support System. Critical Connection: It's Who You Know That Counts. 6. Aging in a Changing Economy. The World of Work. The Changing Job Market. Age Discrimination. The Meaning of Retirement. The World of Unemployment. Poverty. Critical Connection: What You Have Determines What You Get. 7. Aging and Health Care. The Health of the Elderly. The "Crisis" of Health Care Coverage to the Elderly. The Future of Health Care for the Elderly. Critical Connection: If I Have My Health I Can Do Anything. 8. Aging and the Political Process. Governmental Attitude and Action. Who Decides Who Governs. The Elderly in Politics. Aging and Powerful. Critical Connection: The Powerful Don't Change, They Just Get Older. 9. Double Jeopardy/Triple Jeopardy. The Significance of Sex, Marital Status, Race and Ethnicity. Women and Aging. Feminism Among the Elderly. The Importance of Marital Status. The Feminization of Poverty Among the Elderly. Aging Among Minority Populations. Critical Connections-Ageism, Sexism, and Racism-Conditions for Discrimination. 10. Living Arrangements. Migration. Location of the Elderly. Physical Settings. Independent Living Arrangements. Critical Connection-Integrated or Segregated Living Arrangements-Democratic Ideals or Safety. 11. Victims and Criminals. Victimizing the Elderly. The Elderly as Criminals. Critical Connection: Victimization is not Just Physical. 12. Death and Dying. The Historical Context of Death and Dying. The Sociology of Death and Dying. Who Dies and How. Suicide and Euthanasia. The Institutionalization of Death. Critical Connection: There is More to Growing Older than Dying. 13. A Reassessment: Aging in America. Growing Old in America: The Sociology of Aging. Intergenerational Relations. A Window of Opportunity for the Future-The Importance of Social Policy. Critical Connection: Demographic Realities and the Power of Definition.
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