Just Cause: Freedom, Identity, and Rights

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September 2000



One of the distinguishing features of Drucilla Cornell's work is its emphasis on the significance of ideals. The essays collected here examine how the ideals of freedom and equality associated with the democratic revolutions of the West have survived the challenges of twentieth century critiques. Cornell argues that, far from threatening these ideals, feminism, race theory, and other new theories have deepened their meaning and so allowed them to survive.


Chapter 1 Introduction Part 2 Representation and the Ideal Law in Politics Chapter 3 Las Grenudas: Recollections on Consciousness-Raising Chapter 4 Diverging Differences: Comment on Felski's "The Doxa of Difference" Chapter 5 Antiracism, Multiculturalism, and the Ethics of IdentificationWith Sara Murphy Chapter 6 Freedom's Conscience Chapter 7 Enlightening the Enlightenment Part 8 Why Rights? Chapter 9 Worker's Rights and the Defence of Just-Cause Statutes Chapter 10 Hegel and Employment at Will Chapter 11 Spanish Language Rights: Identification, Freedom, and the Imaginary Domain Chapter 12 Notes Chapter 13 Index


Drucilla Cornell is professor of women's studies, politics, and law at Rutgers University.


Drucilla Cornell's Just Cause is an important text for scholars in political philosophy, legal studies, political science and feminist studies, as well as for those interested in grounding commitments to activism in such diverse areas as worker's rights and multiculturalism. Just Cause is a valuable book... Philosophy in Review
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