History of the Australian Environment Movement

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April 2010



This book traces the environment movement in Australia from the first visionaries who pressed for preservation of native fauna and for sanitation in cities to a mass social movement that challenges the most powerful interests in society. It covers the major environmental issues that have been at the forefront of Australian politics since the 1960s.


Introduction; Part I. The First Wave: 1860s to World War II: 1. The professional base; 2. Sane citizens and sanatarians; Part II. The Second Wave Builds: World War II to 1972: 3. Old meets new; Part III. The Campaigning Movement: 1973-1983; 4. Taking to the streets; 5. Taking to the bush; Part IV. The Professional Movement: 1983-1990: 6. Fighting for wilderness; 7. Urban issues and pollution; 8. Green politics; Part V. The Green Momentum Falters: 1990-1998; 9. Neo-liberalism and the green agenda; Epilogue.


' ... a must for all involved in the environment movement ... [this] is a concise and thorough account of the way in which the broad issue of 'the environment' has become a well established and at times immensely successful tool of societal change.' Australian Environment Review ' ... makes an impressive contribution to the on-going need to conserve our environment for the longer term. I hope we get more books of this standard.' Conservation Bulletin ' ... an excellent textbook for many disciplines that inter-connect with environmentalism in both the natural and human sciences. It gives a critical and comprehensive overview of the emergence of environmentalism and as well as providing historical perspective on the subject, may well encourage more detailed case studies and analyses.' Historical Records of Australian Science
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